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Open Call for Proposal Submission until 18/12/2020, 13:00, or until budget exhaustion

General Objectives
The “Proof of Concept for Technology/Knowhow Applications” Programme aims at the preliminary investigation of possible industrial applications of a technology/knowhow.

The special CONCEPT-COVID/0420 Call is part of the CONCEPT/0618 Call.
The Research and Innovation Foundation announces the special Call for Proposals CONCEPT-COVID/0420 for the «Proof of Concept for Technology / Knowhow Applications» Programme within the framework of the «RESTART 2016-2020» Programmes for Research, Technological Development and Innovation and invites potential beneficiaries to submit relevant Project Proposals (Proposals) aiming to address the COVID-19 pandemic and/or its consequences (prevention, diagnosis, treatment, measures to overcome the social and economic consequences, etc) with immediate results.

Through this Programme it is expected that Enterprises will have the opportunity to verify the industrial application potential of a technology/knowhow before being involved in a broader scale research project of Technological Development and Innovation.

As the Programme is part of Pillar I, “Smart Growth”, the projects must be applicable in one of the designated Priority Sectors:

  • Energy
  • Tourism
  • Transport-Shipping
  • Agriculture-Food Industry
  • Built Environment-Construction Industry
  • Health

and/or one of the Horizontal Priority Sectors:

  • ICT
  • Sustainable Growth-Environment


Participation Restrictions and Conditions
The Host Organisation can be a Small or Medium Sized Enterprise (B.1, B.2)

The participation of Partner Organisations or Foreign Research Organisations is not permitted.

RIF reserves the right, in exceptional cases and in order to deal with extraordinary circumstances, to proceed with an amendment of the provisions of the Work Programme including Beneficiaries, Specific Participation Restrictions, Project Activities, Duration of Project Implementation, etc. Al amendments will be specified in the respective Call for Proposals.

Project Activities
The projects must only include Industrial Research activities.

The projects must fall within Technology Readiness Levels 3-4 (TRL 3-4)4 in compliance with the relevant definitions adopted by the EU.

Duration of Project Implementation
Up to 6 months

€975.000 The total budget of the CONCEPT/0618 Call, including the special CONCEPT-COVID/0420 Call, is 975,000 Euro.

Maximum Funding per Project

The maximum aid intensity for Enterprises cannot exceed 70%.

Eligible Costs
Personnel costs, Instruments and Equipment Costs, Costs for External Services, Costs for Travelling Abroad, Consumables, Other Specific Costs, Overheads.

The evaluation procedure will be specified in the Call for Proposals.

Evaluation Criteria/Weighting
(1) Excellence 40%, (2) Added Value and Benefit 30%, (3) Implementation 30%

Selection of Projects
The selection of projects is specified in the Call for Proposals.

 4 The Technology Readiness Levels adopted by the EU are:  APPLICATIONS” PROGRAMME CONCEPT / 0618
TRL 1- basic principles observed
TRL 2- technology concept formulated
TRL 3- experimental proof of concept
TRL 4- technology validated in lab
TRL 5- technology validated in relevant environment
TRL 6- technology demonstrated in relevant environment
TRL 7- system prototype demonstration in operational environment
TRL 8- system complete and qualified
TRL 9- actual system proven in operational environment (competitive manufacturing in the case of key enabling technologies)

Open Call for Proposal Submission until 18/12/2020, 13:00, or until budget exhaustion





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