Universal Business Analytics LtdWe lead through our Methodology

Mission Statement

Our three greater attributes are:

1. Being partners to our clients and the community.

2. Being loyal and devoted to delivering insightful and reliable Quantitative and Qualitative results.

3. Being systematic, efficient and effective.

The principles upon which our business is built are:

1. To offer SMEs a selective range of tailor-made solutions designed to increase their profitability and long term potential by providing:

  • Strategic Design, Implementation/ Monitoring, Evaluation, Adjustment.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative insight into their customer base.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative benchmarking.
  • Market Segmentation/ Profiling. 
  • Business Effectiveness. Optimisation
  • Internet Utilisation (Web Solutions).
  • Design, Execution, Evaluation of targeted promotions.

2.To institute Quality by introducing standards and processes, embedding culture of excellence in dealings with all stakeholders.

3.Serving the community by assisting our clients to offer the products/ services needed at an appropriate price.