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Business Audit

The Business Audit is employed to identify and correct/address weaknesses and/or fields requiring improvement/development in a way that leads to improving efficiency and reducing costs.

In the context of the Business Audit measurable data, gathered from various participating sources, and based on the nature of their responsibilities, are objectively evaluated. Participating parties include:

  • Company Personnel (Management and other personnel)
  • Clients/ Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Other Associates

The Business Audit will reveal any gaps in the following fields:

  1. Management Expectations, based on:
    • Information Expectations
    • Presentation Expectations
    • Reliability and Accuracy Expectations
    • Responsiveness, Assurance and Empathy Expectations
  2. Service Quality Specifications, based on::
    • Perceived Reliability and Accuracy
    • Tangibles Perceptions
  3. Service Delivery, based on:
    • Perceived Effort: Responsiveness, Empathy
    • Perceived Ability: Assurance
  4.  External Communications
  5. Perceived Service