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Quantitative insight

Types of Quantitative research are listed below, with a short summary or example of what each type of research achieves:

  • Concept and Product tests
    Investigates the appeal of new products or new concepts
  • Pricing Research
    Specific to determining the optimum price for new or existing products or services
  • Promotion research
    Tests the effectiveness of a new promotion, or helps to determine the most appropriate promotion to launch
  • Place - distribution
    Helps to determine the ideal position for a new shop/ outlet etc.
  • Segmentation studies
    Used for segmenting the population into distinct groups, for more accurate targeting. The segmentation can be in terms of demographics (e.g. age group/ purchasing power/ location), or patterns of behavior (e.g. purchases newspaper every Wednesday/ Shops from specific shops), or even psychographics (e.g. modern person and open to new ideas)
  • Usage and Attitude studies
    Determine the behavior of consumers with regards to how they use certain products/services, and their attitudes towards these
  • Brand Image / Advertising Comprehension / Recall / Awareness
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Mystery Shopping studies
    Examines the effectiveness of a service provided by utilizing the services of a Mystery Shopper