Funding Programmes

Each Program serves Specific Aims and Objectives and therefore determines specific parameters, including, Eligibility characteristics, categories and types of Eligible Expenditures, Budget Limits and Subsidy percentages.

We can assist you analyse and evaluate your needs as well as design and implement the most optimal solution based on the parameters of a specific Subsidy Program.

For more information select the Subsidy Scheme or Employment Support Plan of your interest. 

Select SME Instrument for detailed information in relation to the specific programme.

Select Expected Subsidy Schemes to determine whether you are eligible for the Scheme of your interest and in order for us to assist you to prepare early, thus creating the conditions necessary for you to utilize the Scheme that meets your needs. Preparing early is important, as your idea should be evaluated and shaped accordingly, information within the context of the proposal/ business plan to be prepared needs to be collected and analyzed, and quotations as well as other documentation material must be gathered according to the requirements of each specific Scheme.

For in-depth information for any Subsidy Scheme or Employment Support Plan visit the corresponding Greek Section of our website.

Contact us for more information and/ or quote for the application process and for preparing and implementing a Business Plan/ Proposal.