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For each of the Subsidy Scheme below a new call for proposals/ applications is expected during the following period.

In order to create the conditions necessary for the utilization of the Scheme that meets your needs it is important to start preparing early, as your idea should be evaluated and shaped accordingly, information within the context of the proposal/ business plan to be prepared needs to be collected and analyzed, and quotations as well as other documentation material must be gathered according to the requirements of each specific Scheme.

In order for us to assist you determine whether you are eligible for the Scheme of your interest and help you prepare timely, you can complete the “Eligibility Check” form or “Contact Us" or by phone at 70005054.

Please note that the information available at this stage concerns the latest Call for Proposals for each Subsidy Scheme. Some variations may occur between Calls.

Also, please note that the e Commerce Promotion Plan is expected to be launched during the forthcoming period.

For the Specific Subsidy Scheme information will be published as soon as made available by the state authority responsible.Please note that according to information by the authority responsible, a Subsidy Scheme promoting Digital Transformation/ Upgrade, also covering e-Commerce, is expected. Detailed information will be posted when specific information, from the authority responsible, is available.

Business Innovation Development Subsidy Plan 2014-2020


The Business Innovation Support Subsidy Scheme aims to sustain and strengthen existing, start-up and other businesses that invest in Research and Innovation in order to Develop and Market Competitive Innovative products and services and/ or innovative processes and procedures in the production of their products.

For more Information for this Subsidy Scheme and in order to download our Newsletter and the Official Implementation Guide, please visit the Greek Section of our website or Contact Us.

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